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Custom Banjo Options


Types of Banjo: Open Back Block Laminate Construction, Gourd, Cigar Box, Travel/Trail, Banjouke, Gourdjolele, Tenor Banjo (4 Strings), Historical Reproductions.




Neck and Body Options: Limited supply of Appalachian Birds Eye Maple, Hard Maple, Curly Tiger Maple, Spalted/Wormy Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Purpleheart. center stripe laminate neck or traditional style neck.




Fingerboard Options: Ebony, Rosewood, Cocobolo etc.




Head Options: Solid wood, dyed or natural goatskin, or calfskin.




Tailpiece Options: Fitted style tailpiece of solid wood, mortise & tenon or African style tailpiece.




Peg Options: Friction (traditional), geared(any brand desired), recommended: 5 Star, Grover,  and Gotoh geared tuners.




Peghead Options: Exotic/unique wood veneer, custom peghead design and shape.




Bridge Options: Maple topped with exotic wood, solid Purpleheart. Each bridge is custom built for each banjo. Each five string banjo comes with two bridges for preferred action. 



Type of Finish: Shelac, beeswax & orange oil.




String Options: Classical (high tension strings) vs. Minstrel (low tension strings). Nylon, gut, steel.




Engraving or wood burning of personalized emblem, symbol, logo or design onto the back of the gourd. Spikes can be installed further up the neck at different fret positions to accommodate using a capo.




I am happy to work with clients if an exotic wood not listed is desired.  


Questions? Pricing?


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